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Hillary's online learning

Hand in Hand
All the Way to Success


About Me

Hi I'am Hillary, My mom owns a company called CompliancePlus and they help people do the right thing I also go to a school called Shatin Junior School  and I enjoyed going there. I live I hong kong  My dad is a great arsenal fan because he loves arsenal since he was in University in oxford. I also have a pet goldfish and now they're starting to die because they're fat.I also have five people in my family and I like them. So I Wanted to help other children to learn in the novel-corona virus outbreak and I  Hope that you'll use this website to do anything that is educational and everything is FREE !

How It Works

How It Works


Tutoring Options

We have educational services that have you tube video's that is educational and watch one of the best  educational channels and use different websites,apps and more we also can assign things and you're teacher can upload anything and make sure you go to the chan family you tube channel and 3 educational video's in one week! Also there are warnings of homework and you can send private comments with your teacher or educator and there's also home school mode and make sure you use it !

There are lots of modes like school mode mad mode and also home school mode each of these things are very special and make sure you login and it's also free!

One on One Lessons:


Hong Kong , China Tsing Yi


What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

" Aw, There's no school but not to worry because let betterlearning help you and save your day and it's easy to use and free,"

Celina. San

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